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💎Recommended streaming speed:
Min. 0,5 Mbps required
1,5 Mbps recommended
SD 3,0 Mbps
HD (720p and 1080p) 5,0 Mbps
Ultra HD (2160p) 25Mbps

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  • 365-day PREMIUM subscription ( 5 screens )

✅ Works on any device.
✅ You can change the language while watching.
✅ The account won’t stop working if you don’t change credentials (email, password).
✅ Contact us for any issue, if the account stops working before the duration
✅Safety Account Warranty 100%
✅ If you have any questions or need a custom deal you can contact us beforehand using IGV chat.
✅Support 24/7
✅Delivery Full Info when you made Purchase ⚡Faster and safe⚡

🔴You can use your account on 5 devices!
🔴 ATTENTION: You do not need to create your own profile, use any profile to view except the first one, you do not need to delete other people’s profiles, since these are shared accounts!
🔴The account language is random, it can only be changed in one profile, in any profile except the first one. How to change language:
🔴 All accounts have auto-renewal of subscription (that is, if you bought an account and see that the subscription will end in less than 365 days, don’t worry, it will renew automatically on the end day, but if it doesn’t last, write to me and I will replace the account .You are guaranteed to be able to use the services for exactly 365 days from the date of purchase, after 365 days you will be able to pay for the product again and receive a subscription for 365 days with a 365 day guarantee)
🔴 We do not provide access to mail!
🔴 It is prohibited to change any data in your account, otherwise you will lose access!
🔴 No returns, only replacement if the account stops working during the warranty period!


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